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TPI Association WA - Join the Association

Now you are eligible to receive Special Rate Pension under the Veterans' Entitlement Act, you are also eligible to apply for membership of the TPI Association WA.

The objects of the Association are to safeguard the interests of members and secure just and equitable treatment for them, their widows and children or possible widows. We are financed by a nominal fee for membership plus grants, funds and donations raised by the Association through our various activities.

The current subscription is:    
  $40.00 Subscription Fee
- per year which falls due on 1 January
  $10.00 Joining Fee
- Federal Levy (once only)
  $50.00 Total

If joining after 1st September of any year, membership is reduced to $30.00 for the remaining part of that year. You can, however, pay $70.00, which covers you for the remaining part of the year plus the following full year.

If you decide to join our Association, please bring the application form attached to this letter and your letter from the Department of Veterans' affairs advising that you have been made a TPI when you come to see us. However, if you are joining by mail, be sure to send the completed form and a copy of your letter from the Department of Veterans' Affairs, and/ or a copy of your TPI Gold Card with your cheque/money order for membership.

We welcome further enquiries and sincerely hope that you will join us in the near future. We have much to offer our members and you are assured of a warm welcome whenever on our premises at Bullcreek.

Please forward the completed Application Form along with the appropriate fee to TPI Association WA at PO Box 2035, Rossmoyne, Western Australia 6148. Please attach proof of eligibility.

Please click here to download the TPIWA Membership Registration form.


The main benefit of being a member is the continued support of people that are in a similar situation to you. Together we are a united voice that can protect the interests of all TPIs while enjoying the mateship that we had while in the service.