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TPI Association WA – Member Services

The main benefit of being a member is the continued support of people that are in a similar situation to you. Together we are a united voice that can protect the interests of all TPI’s while enjoying the mateship that we had while in the service.

As a TPI you are entitled to Concessions provided by the Federal Government, various State Governments and those that are provided via the Pensioner Concession Card. If you are a member of the TPI Association WA you are also entitled to further Concessions that have been organised by the Association.

In addition to the ‘offline’ activities and Concessions of the Association, we have a number of ‘online’ benefits include:

  • Update your membership details online
  • Download the latest Battling On Magazine
  • Stay up to date with your Social Centre

As with everything else that we do, if you, the members would like us to introduce something that we have not mentioned, please feel free to let us know what you would like to see. While we look at every thought put forward it may not be possible to implement all the ideas.

TPI Association WA – Concessions

The Concessions available to members fall into several groupings. Please find detailed below the latest information on what is available to you as a member.

The two basic groups are:

  • Concessions available to TPI’s generally
  • Concessions available only to TPI’s who are members of the Association

Concessions available to TPIs generally are split into a number of sub groups:

  • Concessions provided by the Federal Government, and applicable Australia-wide
  • Concessions provided by the various state governments individually, specifically for TPI’s. These vary from state to state, and include such things as vehicle registration, boat licences, rail travel
  • Concessions provided by the Pensioner Concession Card. Although this Card is issued by the DVA, the concessions available can vary from state to state
  • Concessions provided by a State “Seniors Card” or equivalent – again these vary state by state

The information that follows is a summary of available concessions in Western Australia. Do not assume that because a concession is listed here it will apply to you: always check with the supplier/provider first.

Concessions available to TPI’s generally

These include the first three sub-categories above: concessions provided by the Federal Government; concessions provided by the various States individually, specifically for TPIs; and concessions provided by the Pensioner Concession Card.

These are detailed in the DVA Booklet “Concessions Available to Department of Veterans’ Affairs Beneficiaries”. As the name implies, this is not only for TPI pensioners: it includes Service Pensioners and War Widows as well. This booklet is State-specific, as it includes concessions available using the Pensioner Concession Card. When this card is issued, it comes with a separate printed concession listing.

The fourth sub-category, the Western Australia Seniors’ Card may not apply to all TPI’s. It is an “age-dependent” card provided by the Western Australia Government, and while it covers some State-provided services, it relies heavily on retailers to acknowledge a person’s “senior” status. It has its own advisory booklet.

Concessions available only to members of the TPI Association WA.

Your State Management are continually looking to add value to your membership. As part of this commitment, we invite all businesses to make available Concessions to our members.

For the latest Concessions, please check the concessions pages in the Battling On Magazine. To take advantage of these great savings please present your current Association Membership card. Some providers however, will also give the Concessions on presentation of a Gold Card. Check first with the supplier/provider first.

TPI Association WA – Battling On Magazine

As a further service to our members we publish a regular magazine, the TPI Battling On Magazine. The Magazine is distributed free to all members. The TPI Battling On Magazine can be delivered via normal post for Association members.

The TPI Magazine is issued four times per year:

  • March Edition
  • June Edition
  • September Edition
  • December Edition

As each edition is published, it will be available within the Members Area as a PDF document.

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